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Our Ministries

Ministries of 
First Presbyterian

Interested in Volunteering? There are multiple opportunities, such as helping produce our on-line worship services,  helping distribute study materials, making phone calls or sending cards. Contact the church office - either by e mail or phone - and let us know how you'd like to become involved in our community outreach, or in our church community.


E mail:

Phone:  618-586-5321 

Ministries and programs we support include:

  • Palestine Food Pantry – the food pantry provides food for those in need in the Palestine community.

  • Marion Medical Mission – MMM helps provide wells in areas in desperate need of clean water

  • Palestine Grade School - Character Counts Program

  • Palestine Grant in Aid

  • Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois


Programs Our Church Currently Hosts:

  • The Breakfast Club (Wednesday mornings for PHS students)

  • PLARN nights (Dates vary)

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